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Wondarweld Cylinder Block Repairer - 250ml

Heavy duty engine block repairer that stands up to vibration & protects from future damage.
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Do wonders for your engine block with Wondarweld. If you have problems with cracks inside or outside of your motorcycle engine block, Holts Wondarweld is the perfect alternative to an expensive engine rebuild. It has been specially designed to repair engine block cracks and resists vibration, water pressure and high temperatures. It is suitable for motorcycle engines made of steel, iron and aluminium. External cracks on a bike engine can occur if the gasket is damaged or the engine has frozen resulting in the coolant fluid leaking. Internal engine cracks can be a result of contamination between the coolant system and the compression in the cylinders, or leaking at the bottom of the cylinder gasket. Holts Wondarweld is a heavy duty, permanent repair which you can use at home to fix engine blocks and cylinders. It has anti-corrosive properties which help to protect your engine from leaks in the future.

Additional information: Holts Wondarweld is for experienced amateurs and professional mechanics.
Pouring Wondarweld Cylinder Block Repairer into oil can cause serious damage to your motorcycle engine.
Wondarweld is not compatible with coolant fluid or antifreeze solutions.
Read all instructions before use.

Manufacturers Specs

• Permanently seals cracked cylinder blocks, internal & external leaks in water jacket
• Suitable for steel, iron & aluminium engines
• Prevents the need for engine rebuild
Do not pour into engine oil
• Always read the instructions carefully before use
• Engine block & cylinder repair
• Suitable for all cars & motorcycles
• This product is for experienced amateurs & professional mechanics only
• Never pour Wondarweld into oil as this can cause serious engine damage
• Wondarweld is not compatible with antifreeze & coolant fluids
• Users must be strongly advised to read through all precautions, usage & dosage instructions carefully prior to use

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