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Different rider requirements: The outward signs of a pronounced sun peak is obviously a reflection that the riding environment is totally different. The big difference relate to the fact that riding off-road, the rider is physically much more active than when riding on the road. This means on a motocross helmet the chin piece is further removed from the face to allow more airflow and there is no visor to steam up. One of the most noteworthy differences is also the weight: motocross helmets tend to be much lighter - this is essential to keep the kinetic energy wearing down on the neck and upper back of the rider to the absolute minimum. In fact, when you purchase your MX helmet, make sure you do not purchase ‘cheap’, as a low price indicates a higher weight.

The open aperture at the front and the additional space around the chin area means additional airflow, which is required by the rider. But, the rider still needs to protect their eyes. Motocross, or any off-road riding, is no exception. Motocross goggles are the best option, as they cannot steam up as easily as a visor on a traditional helmet would do.

In practice, all motorcycle helmets need to fit the same way: they need to have a firm attachment along the contour of your head in three areas: The jawbones or cheek bones, depending on helmet brand, and the upper back of the head. That ensures that the helmet does not move while riding. But, at the same time, the helmet inner shell should exert no additional pressure on your skull to avoid headaches or similar.

Adventure bike helmets, also known as Dual Sport helmets, are hybrids between a road helmet and a motocross helmet. They carry features of the motocross helmet, such as the sun peak, but they are usually based on a road helmet and do not carry the benefits of the lower weight of motocross helmets. So, yes, there are off-road helmets with visors and sun peaks. But no, there are no pure motocross helmets with visors as it would not suit the end use.

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