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Merlin Motorcycle Clothing


  • Traditional motocross boots are the dominant type: Stiff boots with external protection and a bracing system to minimise injuries.
  • Enduro boots are often a version of a motocross boot style with a more deeply treaded sole in order to make it useful for Enduro racing and grip on different terrains.
  • Lastly there are also Trials boots: again these are visually similar to other off-road boots, but the structure of a Trial boot is incredibly soft while the soles are designed for the rider to spend a lot of time balancing the bike while standing on the pegs. This is because on Trials bikes the skill is all about bike control and navigating challenges, which requires agility and movement, as opposed to motocross, where speed and tricks matter.

For true motocross racing, be it short race or long race, the answer must be an absolute 'Yes'! Injury to the feet and ankles is so easily life-changing that proper protection for those sports it is an absolute necessity.

It used to be that motocross boots had to be 'broken in' for a long time. No longer the case with the arrival of precision manufacturing and computer aided design. For example the Alpinestars Tech 10 boots are an engineering achievement that has succeeded in making what is a highly structured, protective boot extremely comfortable to wear from the first moment. With motocross boots it really is the case that you get what you pay for.

We offer different ways to make purchasing your best motocross boots easier, including a "pay monthly" option on 0% APR. To find out more how buying your motocross boots on finance could work, see our practical explanation of the different flexible payment options here.