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Datatool Demon Evo Plus Alarm Immobiliser - Black Red

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Sophisticated motorcycle & scooter alarm & immobiliser combo designed to be fitted by a motorcycle dealer or a competent home mechanic.


This compact alarm/immobiliser from the big boys of alarms is suitable for any 12V motorcycle or scooter and can be fitted at home by any competent home mechanic. The Datatool Demon Plus Alarm and Immobiliser can be used as the main point of security for the 125cc, scooter or commuter market that don't usually come with an alarm or immobiliser as standard, or as a replacement to manufacturer-fitted alarm systems.

This great alternative to an expensive, full Thatcham Category 1 approved system has multiple settings to cater to different requirements. Settings such as having the alarm active but so that it ignores movement, ideal for transporting your bike, PIN override for if you lose your remote, automatic rearm and lots more. One of the settings allows you to choose if the alarm makes a sound when you arm and disarm it, handy when you find out that it is actually a requirement in the UK that alarms arm and disarm silently.

Manufacturers Specs

• Adjustable Sensitivity: 3 levels of movement sensitivity to ensure maximum protection without false alarms
• Transport Mode: Ability to arm without movement sensing if the bike or scooter is being transported
• PIN Override: With a factory programmed random PIN code the unit can be deactivated if a remote control is damaged or lost
• Alarm Diagnostics: If the alarm has triggered whilst you were away, the Demon Evo Plus will bleep a code to tell you which input caused the trigger
• Panic Mode: The ability to trigger the alarm from the remote control
• Bike Finder: The ability to flash the indicators 10 times from the remote to locate your bike in a bike park
• Automatic Rearm: With this optional feature enabled, the Demon Evo Plus will rearm automatically if the alarm is disarmed & the engine isn‚Äôt started within 30 seconds
• Arm/Disarm Tones: Another optional feature, the Demon Evo can be programmed to ‚Äòchirp‚Äô on arm & disarm & there are 2 options on the ‚Äòchirp‚Äô volume.
Note: Certain countries including the UK require alarms to arm/disarm silently, check legislation for your country
• Storage Mode: The Demon Evo Plus can be completely deactivated for long term storage with the bike/scooter remaining immobilised until the alarm is reactivated
• Battery Voltage Monitoring: The deterrent LED will flash at a reduced rate to indicate the vehicle battery is getting low
• 24 month warranty

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Brand Datatool
Colour Red
Category Alarms
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